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Is MVW right for me?

This is an important question to ask yourself, since there are so many summer programs to choose from (at this writing Classical Singer is listing 201 programs on the Summer Program Directory, and let's be honest: they all cost a lot of money, so it is important to make a choice that fits you, your needs and your desires).

MVW is surely the right summer experience for you if:

* you want to open and release your voice, find the inner power you know is there, and unlock what is holding you back
* you want solid technical advice from knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive faculty
* you want to free yourself, allowing more of you to come out in your performances
* you want to work on your total artistry, unlocking all of your true potential as a performer
* you want individualized and intensive training suited to your needs from a faculty wholly committed to your success and improvement
* you want the time and space to focus on you: as singer, performer, and artist

OR maybe:

* you feel stuck in your singing/performing, and aren't sure why (or perhaps, you do know why, but still can't seem to get unstuck)
* you have hit a technical plateau and can't seem to get moving again
* your technique is not working for you as well as you would like, and you need some fresh approaches and perspectives
* you know you can sing better than you are, and can't quite seem to get there
* you are having trouble letting go
* you feel like you have fallen through the cracks and others are passing you by despite your hard work
* you have lost the joy and excitement, or have forgotten why you wanted to sing in the first place



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