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Tracy Brighty

Artistic Director

Long noted among her students for her relaxed and supportive teaching style, Ms. Brighty uses this environment as the backdrop for voice lessons, quickly addressing, helping and improving each particular student's vocal flaws and weaknesses. She believes whole-heartedly that creating the most relaxed learning environment is of the utmost importance and necessity: for a student to free up voice, body, and mind, and allowing each student to be willing, and able, to experiment until the best solution to a "problem" is found. Ms. Brighty began her musical studies at an early age, where she studied both violin and viola. She spent much of her younger years in orchestral settings with reputable conductors, learning many of the educational and musical techniques she still practices today. These experiences led to her strong musical abilities as a singer, allowing her to sing a good deal of 20th century vocal music, including world premieres of pieces scored for voice and various wind and brass ensembles. After studying both Comparative Literature and Vocal Performance (with Yolanda Marculescu) at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Ms. Brighty moved to Miami, where she completed both her Bachelor's of Music and Master's of Music in Vocal Performance at the University of Miami. Her continuing studies have taken her to leading teachers and coaches in both America and Europe. Along with her busy teaching schedule and Administrative and Artistic work for MVW and Lied Austria International, where she is Executive Director and Co-Founder, Ms. Brighty is a Board Member of Where Every Child is a Star, a non-profit organization committed to making a difference in the lives of young people through music and the arts. She also sits on the Advisory Board of SoBe Music Institute - Miami's Institute of the Arts. You can read more at

What students say in Evaluations:

"I appreciated Tracy's ability to come at vocal problems in many different directions until a solution was reached. She was patient and was genuinely interested in working with me, asking me questions about what I was experiencing so she could find the best solution. She is so committed to this work and gives a million percent to all of her work. I appreciated her humour and her straight forward comments. Thank you! Thank you! You really made a difference for me this summer!"
"I thank you for all of your wisdom and insight and, most importantly, your honesty, which is extremely appreciated by fellow artists."
"Absolutely excellent voice teacher. She really knows her stuff and has a great attitude in lessons. I loved that she was not afraid to challenge me."
"You definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone this summer, but I NEEDED that!  I hope you know that I think you are such a gifted voice teacher and technician (and now a dear friend) :) and I wouldn't trade a minute of my time with you... even the one where I was maybe on the verge of tears :)  When I think about where I've come from with my vocal technique and performance to where I am now, it's those moments (the verge of tears moments, which I don't have very often) that I can see, in hindsight, a turning point, for the better, in my voice, and I thank you so much for challenging me to a high standard of technique, performance, and interpretation."
"Tracy is the coolest thing since sliced bread. When you walk into the room for your lessons with her she creates a calm relaxing environment. She's an amazing singer and knows the voice very well. She had everyone singing so well at the end of three weeks. No tricks - only healthy singing."


1Eva Surma

German Language

was born in Graz, where she completed a degree in teaching German as a Foreign Language at the University followed by a certificate in Adult Education. Eva has devoted herself to intercultural activities. She now lives with her family in Leibnitz, where since 1990 she has worked in various institutions dealing primarily with immigrants arriving in Austria, many of whom come asking for asylum. On a daily basis she acts as a mediator: aiding in education, integration, and acceptance. In her work she consistently and continually sees the importance of language. Eva is the Founder and Manager of a Woman’s Counseling Center in Leibnitz, to which she has committed much time and resources for all women in the area. In all of her multifaceted activities, she uses her incomparable knowledge of Austrian/South Styrian culture together with her understanding of the importance of language as a catalyst. She is very excited to work as a part of our Lied Austria International/MVW team during the summers because it gives her yet another opportunity to use language as a tool for understanding between people of different cultures.

What students say in the Faculty Evaluations:

"Eva has a real passion for languages and teaching. She was clear and is a very delightful person."
"What a great person and teacher. Not only did she teach us the basics, but we also learned a lot about Styrian culture. COOL!"
"She is a fabulous teacher; very smart, quick and passionate."


1Wolfgang Lockemann

German Lieder and Operatic Text Coach

was born and educated in Germany, where he earned his Ph.D. in German Language and Literature magna cum laude. Additionally, he trained as an actor and received an Artist's Diploma in Rhetoric and Recitation. Dr. Lockemann lived for many years in America, where he was Professor of German Language and Literature in several leading universities, including University of Oklahoma and Rice University. He then returned to Germany in order to concentrate on artistic endeavors (LIVE LIED UND LYRIK), and a series of workshops for professionals under the title DIE KRAFT DES SPRECHENS. For decades Dr. Lockemann has given recitations (often in collaboration with singers and instrumentalists) as well as coaching singers and pianists, from students to professionals, in preparation of Lieder recitals. These days he lives and works in Europe and America, where he teaches workshops, coaches, and gives recitals with singers and instrumentalists. For over 25 years Dr. Lockemann was on the faculty of AIMS in Graz, Austria, where he taught his beloved "Poetry of the German Lied" class.

What students say in the Faculty Evaluations:

"Wolfgang is one of the most interesting persons I have ever met. I really truly enjoyed his class and his approach to the text."
"Fantastic! Wolfgang is one of those rare finds - one of the most intelligent and passionate people I have ever known."
"I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes to the true breadth and depth of Lieder."

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